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Make a big difference with the planetryFund

In our shop you can´t only buy great products - you also be a part of planetry and protect the planet.




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featured projects

We have selected 3 great projects and you can choose which project you want to support.

plastic Bank

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Wilderness International

The preservation of the world lies in the wilderness


Whale and Dolphin Conservation

a world where every whale and dolphin is safe and free

become a planetry member and

vote where the raised money

will go to...

why we do it

for a better tmrw

take responsibility for how you move, what you eat

and in general what YOU BUY!

For us and the next generation. Against pollution, clearing and exploitation. For a fair tomorrow, a future for all of us. Problems don't just need to be seen, they need to be solved - and together we can achieve this. Start small - but never stop.  We are all responsible, we can all make a difference - because it does matter!

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