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Mann, der in der Wildnis wandert
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hey we are planetry
and we connect people and nature

big change starts small

Nature is the base of all life on earth - but humanity is well

on it´s way to completely destroy nature


  • we pollute our seas and forests

  • rainforests are burning 

  • the greatest mass extinction is taking place right now

  • sea level rises

  • seas are overfished and full of plastic

  • climate change is happening right now

If we don't act right now, future generations will no longer experience the world the way we were

allowed to.

If everyone makes a small contribution to a better environment, we can still save our planet.


planetry will donate 5€ - 10€ of every single purchase to environmental projects. All members of planetry can vote where the raised money will go to.

let´s save the planet

It's a long way, but we know we can do it. Small steps are important - together we can make even bigger ones. Together we can have a positive impact on our environment. The members of the planetry team, were all born and raised in the Tyrolean mountains. We have seen a lot of the world through travelling. We don't want to lose all of it´s beauty and characteristics, rather make them also accessible to the next generation.

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